Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Forgetfulness

I usually write my blogs late at night for the next day. I'm a late owl and find my creativity flows better after a long day, when everybody else is in bed.

Last night, I was more tired than usual, and without even thinking about it, I decided to go to bed a little earlier than normal, totally FORGETTING about my blog until today.

You may be thinking that "oh yeah, Kelly...that's really convenient...uh hum." But as unbelievable the timing may seem, I struggle with forgetfulness quite often. I'm in my early 40s, and ever since my early 30s I've been having problems remembering simple things.  Most disturbingly, I often forget what I've done the day before: where I went, who I was speaking with, what I had for lunch, etc. Is that something I should be really concerned about?

I find it doesn't impede me in the least as a writer, though, because I can't ever forget what I've's documented somewhere on paper or hard-drive to always remind me. I just hope that as I get older that I don't forget important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas Day, or meetings with an agent or publisher.  I guess that's why they have calendars.

Sorry about the late post, and for the lack of creativity.  I'll do better for "G".


Old Kitty said...

Oh Kelly Olsen! I'm 41 and not only do I forget things and dates and stuff - I find that I tend to repeat myself these days! I'll be speaking to someone and see their eyes glaze and they look most shifty and then I'll ask "have I told you this already?" to which the reply will always be "yes"! LOL!

So yay for calendars!! Take care

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I can get away with fotgetfull ness as I call them senior momnets.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Laura said...

It only gets worse...
I turned 50 last fall. The thing is...I can remember what happened 30 years ago, but not yesterday. Totally frustrating!

Michelle Mach said...

Sometimes forgetting has a positive side. I totally forgot about the bulbs I planted in my yard and it was such a nice surprise to see them! If I'd been expecting them, I'm not sure if they would have delighted me as much.

Devin Bond said...

I'm no where near 40 and I forget a lot of stuff too! It's horrible. Most of the time I forget when people tell me things that they're doing or when people ask me to do something.

This leads to a lot of accusations of me ignoring others... :( I'm just forgetful, I swear!

V. Furnas said...

Oh my goodness...I'm your number 100 follower I think I here bells and celebration! Pst..confetti fell in my mouth.

With all this celebration I forgot to read the posting. Damn...middle age!!!

bonniejames said...

Hah! I blame my forgetfulness on my kids - call it "baby brain". The lack of sleep does that... ;) (though, my kids aren't babies anymore... and I am getting full night's sleep again...)

Quick question for you, Kelly - how do you like FanStory? I've never heard of it before... looks interesting!

Kelly M. Olsen said...

Bonnie, I used to love FanStory. I spent a lot of time on there before I started blogging. It's a great place to write, enter contests, have your writing reviewed by fellow readers and writers, and build a standing in the ranks. The only thing I don't like is that you have to buy credits, or earn them by reviewing other's work. Those credits can be used to promote your work and give it more exposure on the site. It's worth checking out.