Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'd Like Your PoV, Please.

I revisiting some of my work, and I'm now considering taking a thriller I've written and changing it from 3rd person PoV, to Omniscient PoV.  I'd like all of my characters to have voices in this story, so I think omniscient is the best way to do that.

To all of you writers, I'd like to know what is your usual point of view when you write.  Or, do you have different PoVs for different stories?  Tell me what you think about it - what are the strengths and weaknesses of your favorite PoV?

A short post but I'm trying to stay focused.

Talk at you later,



coffeelvnmom said...

I write first person best, and like reading first person the most, too. But that's just me. I love getting into the MC's head. :)

Claire Dawn said...

My first two novels were 3rd person, mainly because they both followed multiple characters. My 3rd WIP is 1st person. It's an exercise in voice.

Jen said...

Your blog is great and I so love this topic!!!! It seems we have a ton of the same blog buddies! How could we not have run into one another?!

I write in several point of views, for me it is all about the story and how the characters interact. I have one where it's told from one point of view, in the first person. I have a few others that have two point of views both told in first person, and then a third person novel.

That being said they all fall under different genre categories. I find for myself in the young adult industry it is easy and more relateable to be in First POV, but that's just what I think!

Talli Roland said...

I vary between third person and first. They both seem to work fairly well for me - I hope!

Cheryl said...

I have a story I started in first person, changed to third, changed back to first, and ended up in third. Because I finally realized I needed to show several characters' POV's for the story to work.

So it depends on your story. If you do use third person, today's readers seem to prefer third person with a close POV and one POV per scene, rather than omniscient which is more like jumping around from head to head throughout with a distant narrator kicking in.

In the end, you're the only person who can tell how the story should be told.

Kelly M. Olsen said...

Thanks to all of you who commented about your PoV preferences. After himmin' and hawin' about it all week, I've finally settled for using Alternating PoV between third person for the narrator, and first for the main characters. There are a number of secondary main characters,and tertiary minor characters who I have to give voice to in order to make the sub-plots work, so I think first character voice for the main characters, and and subjective (omniscient) narrative voice in third person. There has to be an all-knowing narrative voice to do the story justice. Anyway, I'm babbling. Thank you, all, for your input.