Saturday, August 28, 2010

For the love of SmellyCat

As I was sitting on my sprawling ass today (I mean sofa), rapping away on my laptop, I found I was getting distracted from the grunting, wheezy, whining noises from my sofa buddy SmellyCat.  He's my five year old long-haired Maine Coon tabby.

 When I brought him home almost four years ago from the local SPCA, he was a slim, spry, bundle of curiosity.

Today, as I observed him as he slept, as he always does (during my waking hours, anyway), wondering why he makes so many strange noises of late, I realized that SmellyCat was a feline version of me. I think I'll create a pseudonym for myself - KellyFat.

I've heard many stories, and even seen photographic proof that owners slowly start looking like their pets - mostly dogs - but is there a phenomenon where pets start looking (and behaving) like their owners?

A startling, but enlightening revelation it was.  My beloved companion is becoming the mirror-image of me.

It's no big secret to those who know me that my idea of exercise is a nice brisk sit on the couch rapping away on the laptop; and I will even put in the effort of carrying the laptop out to the deck at the back of the yard on a nice day.  But I have an excuse...I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago (hey, that's around the very time I brought SmellyCat home), and it is debilitating, let me tell you - well, it was for the first year.  Right now, it's an inconvenient pain in the ass.

So, I confess.  I haven't exercised in four years.  The doctor said that the only really safe form of exercise for someone with RA is swimming. However, I have a fear of public pools.  I feel like I'm in a bathtub with a hundred people, and a lot of them being toddlers who have snot coming from their noses, and who knows what in their "Lil' Swimmers".  As a result of my lax lifestyle, I've packed on 40 lbs. But enough about me.

As I looked at SmellyCat lying next to me, I suddenly felt gripped with guilt as I realized that he too has packed on ton of weight, as well.

 My husband makes fun SmellyCat now and again, and then brags about how his cat, Rosie, is the best hunter/gatherer he's ever seen in a cat. He even takes her for walks daily throughout the house.  He'll say, "Come on Rosie, lets go for a walk," and she'll stand between his feet and follow him as he makes countless trips from one end of the house to the other."  It's hilarious to see; it really is.

Then there's SmellyCat.  As he lays around completely unmotivated all day, not even a fly, moth, or dragonfly can tempt him.  And the realization of this today kinda breaks my heart.  On top of this, he's developed a slight limp in his right front paw.  Hmmm...arthritis maybe?  That would be uncanny, don't you think?

So I made a decision...I am publicly declaring that I am going to take at least 30 minutes each day to get up and move around, whether it be walking, cleaning, or the elliptical, and I am setting a goal of losing 20 lbs by Christmas.  I'm also vowing to get my sidekick up and moving as well.  I'll fill you in on our progress during the next four months.  Wish us luck.

I'll talk to ya later,



Missed Periods said...

I wonder the same thing about my cat. Sometimes, I look at what she's doing or analyze her personality and I think to myself that she takes after me. And then she'll do something else, and I'll think to myself that she got that from my husband. And then I think to myself that maybe I am losing it.

Cheryl said...

Good for you!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Great goals- I hope you succeed!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I think you are onto something.

My cat, Gypsy, I found starving and hurt in my apartment complex. She was thin and weak. Now, she looks like a Sumo wrestler.

I have slacked in my exercising as well. You have inspired me to commense my exercise program as well. Gyspy joins in. She curls up on my chest as I do ab crunches. I swear I can hear her snicker.

You have a lovely blog, Roland

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

HI! Thanks so much for the follow, and I'm looking forward to reading much more from you, too!

First, I just returned from a trip to my parents' house and met their dogs for the first time. They each have a Yorkie, though my father's isn't a pure breed. That dog looks so much like my father that my sister kept calling it "Popi Jim," the name his grandkids call him by. Too funny!

Second, as someone on a constant mission to improve my health, I applaud your health-style goals for the fall and winter. It's so empowering to make small changes and feel the immediate effects they invoke. Good luck with it! I look forward to rooting you on :D

Hope you're having a wonderful week, so far!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

P.S. -- Trying to follow, but apparently the Blogger gremlins are up to no good right now. I'll try again later!

Stephen Tremp said...

Good for you. I've been walking a 4.5 mile circuit in my new Skechers Shape-Ups. They're awesome shoes. I highly recommend them. Good luck to you.

Stephen Tremp

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I have to get my cats to lose some weight too. They are both overweight which the vet says isn't good because they are more susceptible then to diabetes and a bunch of other bad things. Hope you can get in your 30-min. walks/exercise each day and get SmellyCat moving more too. That laser toy gets my cats running.

Stopping by for Karen's BBQ with some fried chicken and pop.