Tuesday, April 19, 2011

L, M, N, O and P is for Life May Never Operate Perfectly

I've been away since Thursday, so in keeping with the spirit of the A to Z Challenge and not wanting to drop-out, I've decided to combine five days into one, as indicated in the title.

My family wasn't rich when I was growing up, and we had our share of struggles within the family dynamics, but we made do. Our crazy lives were peppered with happy, memorable times.

I did pretty good in school, but not enough to earn scholarships to university, so I made do and went to community college. I didn't become a surgeon, but I'm a mortician.  Aside from the pay checks, the years of additional schooling, and the respect, there are some similarities. I get to hold a scalpel.

I grew up knowing that I wanted to get married and have a family some day. Things worked out a little backwards. I had a son, then got married. That situation wasn't working out, so I made do and got a divorce. That decision turned into something ideal...I met and married my current husband.  Perfect, actually!

I always hoped my son would be a Mensa member, or a child prodigy.  He earns A's and B's in school.  I make do.  JUST JOKING, JORDAN!! I'm very proud of you and love the person you are becoming and always were.

You get my point. Life may not operate exactly the way you'd hoped, but the alternatives can be pretty sweet if you accept the opportunities offered to you.

My husband and I are in our 40's and it is our dream to be able to purchase a sailboat to live on by the end of the decade, to keep our beautiful house so that we will always have a home base, to fly our children back and forth whenever they want to vacation with us, and for me make a living as a writer while doing this to be able to afford that lifestyle. That would be ideal...perfect.

Chances are, our lives won't operate that way. I may never become the writer/author I dream of becoming and we will probably have to sell our house.  BUT, we will make do. We will take any opportunities to help our wishes come true.  I will continue to write and to learn. We will continue to scrimp and save. We will do what we have to do. We had an opportunity to go to a huge sailboat show in the Bay Area of California this past weekend. We compared a number of sailboats we have been researching for the last year, and have narrowed our favorites down to two brands. Next step is to become certified skippers. Chances are we will have to deal with many obstacles along the way.  Life may never operate perfectly, but we'll make do.


Old Kitty said...

Lovely post!! So long as you are happy within yourself and are surrounded by love and support and family - then making do is making do!

Take care

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Great post and a pleasure to read, inner peace is a wonderful feeling, I wish you well.

KatieO said...

Love the acronym ;-) nice way to catch up with it all - Life does get in the way of our writing and blogging time now and again!

Lynn said...

Yes, life may not happen like you thought but you are moving toward your dream. The sailboat sounds amazing!

Linda H. said...

Combining the 5 letters in the sentence and then expanding on that was very creative. And you are right, life may never operate perfectly. So it goes. We make the best of it.

Thanks for sharing a bit of you. It was an interesting post.