Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Group - Are you interested in improving your life and having a chance to win great prizes?

Happy New Year, fellow writers.  I can't say I'm sorry to have 2010 behind me - it's been a hell of a year.  I have decided that 2011 is going to be my year to meet goals, and I am excited to add a NEW goal to my list, and I am inviting all of you followers, and your followers, to join me.  What am I suggesting, you may be asking? Well, let me just start off by telling you all that writing has been taking it's toll on me physically - I've been carrying around an additional 30 lbs due to my shameful lack of self-discipline in the "get my ass moving" department of my life.  Now, I'm going to do something about it...and if you can relate to my predicament in even a small way, I'm inviting you to do something about it as well.

I'd like to start a group for bloggers that will help us motivate ourselves and others to get a little healthier, and possibly lose weight in the process. And there will be rewards for those who are willing to share their progress every week for five months.  Read on...

Starting Monday, January 10, members of this group will pledge to incorporate 60 minutes of physical activity into their day, each and every day for five full months - ending Friday, June 10.  You don't have to do the full hour at one time; you may break it up into as many intervals that suit you each day, as long as you get in your full 60 minutes, and as long as you break a sweat each time.

Each week, on Sunday, you come back to here to post your progress.  You don't have to mention your weight, as it may not be your goal to lose weight, but to just move.  You should mention, though, how you spent your hours during the week.  However, if you think it will help, please mention any weight loss you've had each week. You can tell us how many inches you've lost, or how much better you are feeling, or how much energy you now have, or even post pictures of yourself showing your progress. The point is to set a health goal and strive to attain it, then post your progress.

We have five days before we get started, so please help me grow this group by mentioning it and putting a link to my blog on your blog.  

If you are interested in doing this, leave a comment after this post stating your name and the goal you want to reach in five months.  Invite your followers to join.  Once we have our group together, let's do all we can to motivate each other.  And here's the REWARD...

For everyone who posts their progress each Sunday (starting January 16th), I will put all of those names into a hat for a draw each and every Monday morning for a $20 Amazon gift card.  There is potential for each dedicated member who posts their progress each week to win $80 per month in Amazon gift cards.

I will be the first to comment after this post, but I am not eligible for the draws, of course.  Just follow my lead in the comments area, and come back each Sunday to post your progress. I hope you're as excited as me.  Good luck.

P.S. If you can think of a clever name for this group, let me know before the 10th.



Kelly M. Olsen said...

Kelly M. Olsen. My current weight is 177lbs. I am setting a goal of losing 30lbs by the end of the challenge (June 10). I plan to spend my 60 minutes of breaking a sweat by using my elliptical, rigorous dancing, and using my Wii.

Misha said...

I'm so in... I just mentioned on my blog today that I need to get into a healthy lifestyle.

This is a perfect kick start. I'll definitely mention it tomorrow.


Old Kitty said...

Good luck with this fun idea to get healthy for the year!!! I've got my own exercise regime going already but I'll be cheering you wonderful bloggers on!!!

Take care

Kelly M. Olsen said...

Okay, Misha. It's just you and I so far, but it's still really early. Talk about timing; I watched the Dr. Phil show today and decided to join Dr. Mike Moreno's 17-Day Diet challenge. Dr. Phil and The Doctors are hosting the challenge. If you think you are interested, you can only order the book on Then you can choose which team you wanna join here... I have a good feeling that this is going to give me an edge during our blogger's challenge.

Devin Bond said...

I'm totally in as well. I want to get healthy and fit this year, so this'll be great inspiration!

My goal is to get fit--I don't care how much weight I lose, but I want some muscles not flab! I also want to get into the routine of exercise.

I'm going to do this at my college's new fitness center and on the Wii fit. I'm excited!

Kelly M. Olsen said...

Welcome, Devin. That's great. Let's keep the momentum going - get the word out on your blog. The more people the better. Exercise makes for a healthy mind, and as writers, we all want healthy minds, right? So, get started on Monday, and on the following Sunday, come back here to post your progress.

AlexOngNYC said...

I'm jumping in. I need to get off the thought carousel that keeps me from getting towards my health goals. I've been doing yoga and interval training and have a new volleyball season coming up but I keep flubbing the diet part so I just stay steady. Heck the whole point of my blog was to explore my diet and writing journey. Time to get back on task. Link to come today to your blog!

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