Monday, September 6, 2010

Write at Home with Kelly's Top 40

Okay, thanks to KarenG's rockin' Blog BBQ this weekend, my followers have almost doubled.  I'm thrilled about that.  We all know that, as writers, we are constantly learning - honing our craft - and I feel so fortunate that I live in an age where information is instantaneous, thanks to the Internet.

I received an email from Writer's Digest.  Because I am a subscriber, I get their Newsletter, and this one contained it's 101 Best Websites for Writers.  A lot of them - the majority, actually - I'm familiar with and have in my favorites.  I asked myself, if I had to choose only one website to use, which one would it be.  After much contemplation I have to say that my answer would have to be  Even though I haven't really utilized them a whole lot at this point, I know they are going to be invaluable when it's time to step it up.

So, I'm posing the same question to my followers.  I have close to fifty followers, so my goal is to create a Writing Blogger's Top 40 Most Valuable Websites. Which is your favorite, and most treasured website or Internet resource? This compilation can be a great asset to our fellow bloggers. Leave a comment, and if you want to take it a step further, link my blog on your blog, and you never know...maybe we can make our very own Top 101.

Have a great week.

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Misha said...

Hey, at the moment I'm mainly following other writers' blogs so that I can compare notes.

But... I found an awesome blog that I check into regularly, called Author! Author!

It's filled with technical advice about everything from plotting to characterization to agents and editors to querying... And its archives go back to August 2005, so there is a lot of info.

But it's her writing style that keeps me coming back. Her posts can some times get very long, but they are written in a way that keeps my attention. So if I don't have time for all my blogs, hers is the first I check.

To see what I mean, go to

Old Kitty said...


I find a lot of writerly blogs very informative and helpful too.

One website?? Erm... there was a feature in one of the newspapars "". It's now archived (as it was written in 2008) but I tend to refer to it time and time again as it's a huge resource of articles etc on the art and practice of creative writing.

Take care

Joanna St. James said...

I start with eharlequin, then I move on to Kristin Nelson's Pub Rants(she's got quite a lot in her archives too!), Lastly Kathy Carmichael's and Ruby Red Sisterhood(i just found them actually) this is my everyday ritual.

Clarissa Draper said...

For me, it's They are an online critique group and although it cost money to join the group ($50.00/year). The writers there have been the most helpful to my writing career than anything else. The key to that website is not to just seek reviews and grammar help but GIVE reviews. When you help others, you learn the reasons why things don't work in a novel.


Margo Kelly said...

Oh... LOVE this idea! My favorite blog is:

It has been a valuable tool for me.

Happy blog jumping!

Oh wait... I should have said MY BLOG is my favorite! ha. Can I change my answer?

Perri said...

I love Nathan Bransford's blog (

He is the most upbeat agent around.

Also love Author! Author!


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Hi! I'm a new follower, and currently querying for an agent - although I'm using Query Tracker. What do you think of Agent Query? How do you think it's maybe different from QT? :)

Rose Cooper said... was always my favorite site when I used to submit to agents. I don't know what I would've done without that site. Actually, yes I do. I would've had to do all the research myself and it would've taken 20x as long!!

Rose Cooper said...

wait a min...did I see that you're a...mortician??

I grew up with a step-dad mortician. We lived next door to the mortuary. Cemetery was in our backyard. I saw way more than any teen should've have. I even wrote a book about it.

You can call me Ant. said...

Hey Kelly, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new writer, and have so much to learn, and figure, what the heck, I know I'm not alone with my quest, hence my post on writing advice. :)

Anyhow, I like the Mississippi Writer's Guild Website at They have a ton of resources, articles, advice, contests that make my life a little easier.

Kelly M. Olsen said...

Write on, people. We're getting some good comments here. Please link my blog to your blog, and maybe we'll have some more writers contribute their favorite sites...we still have a way to go to make up a top 40. BTW, welcome newcomers to my blog :)

Lynn said...

There's so many blogs I like especially for the encouragement and fun! We must remember fun! For writing tips I like The Literary Lab and Miss Snark's Victim.

Lori said...

Beautiful blog! I'm following you from where I have a list of some of my top favorites.

Maria McKenzie said...

Hi Kelly! I'm soryy I missed the blog BBQ! What a great group of followers! and are great for anyone who's starting a blog. For writers, Rachelle Gardner's blog is great (

MT said...

What a good idea. I'll nominate jodyhedlund dot blogspot dot com. She's very professional, personable, and her posts are informative.
Best wishes to your mom. ((hugs))

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Hey, Kelly! Great blog - I'm posting an award for you over on mine. Thanks for the follow!

Claire Dawn said...

I love Query Shark, Nathan Bransford's blog, Natalie Whipple's blog and the Writers Digest Community.