Monday, August 23, 2010

The Pickets are Getting Uncomfortable

Sitting on a proverbial fence, all the while holding a laptop and a stack of resource books, is losing it's appeal.  Sometimes it's good to sit up here; I have a wonderful view of both sides of this fence on a clear day. It's just when things get foggy and I can't see clearly, do I get confused and annoyed.

On one side there sits a couple of Adirondack chairs with a cast iron table in between.  Iced tea and a leather bound copy of Sherlock Holmes wait patiently for an old married couple to enjoy their familiarity.  Majestic mature oak trees provide comfort and protection from the elements.  Life has always been this way and it is good, if you have the patience to wait for it.

Looking to the other side of this proverbial fence I am captivated by the energy and busy-ness that is all around. No grass grows under the youngsters feet on this side.  There is a hot tub, and an outdoor grill.  A weather-proof large-screen TV  faces the Eurostyle outdoor living room  furniture.  iPhones are ringing; eReaders are being read, and there is an overwhelming sense that time waits for nobody.  Instant gratification abounds on this side.

I take in the scenes all around me as I sit on this fence while I frantically rap away on my laptop and scan the pages of my resource books trying to absorb every single tidbit of information I possibly can, so I can hurry up and make up my mind to which side I will be stepping down into.

If you haven't figured it out yet, and I'm sure you have, these metaphorical sides of the fence represent the two sides of publishing - commercial publishing (some call it traditional), and self-publishing. (including eBooks, POD and vanity presses).  My brain is on information overload.  I'm sensing that there can't possibly be too much more I have to learn.  I have all the information I need to make a decision... but I just can't!

I am convinced that both sides have very valid arguments.  If you are a writer who is somewhat new to the idea of publishing your works, and you find yourself in the same predicament, then reading the following blogs won't help you in the slightest...Honestly.  I thought I had it all wrapped up and was about to take the pickets from my ass when I read J.A. Konrath's Blog called A Newbie's Guide to Publishing. After spending days reading his arguments for publishing your books straight to Amazon, I was convinced that was the best option for me.  I'm not at all patient, and I LOVE immediate gratification.

That was until today, when I was surfing around and found Lynn Price's blog.  She's the founder and editorial director of Behler Publications.  She is extremely generous with information a writer must have about commercial publishers, and if you take the time this site deserves to read her blog archives, you will glean valuable information about self-publishing as well.  She is also one of the wittiest, most intelligent, and confident bloggers I've ever read.

So, on the fence I will remain.  I'll place a cushion under my ass, and have the kid's keep my martini glass full as I settle in for the long haul.  Patience is a virtue, and hey, I got all the time in the world.  I'll turn my eyes away from both sides for a while and focus on my laptop - not to research anymore, but to write.  Sorry I neglected you, sweet love of mine.  I've had others vying for my attention, lately, and I confess that I was enamored for a while. But, baby, I'm back. 

When I'm close to a decision, I'll let you all know.  But until then, I'm hanging a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door.  My novel and I have come catching up to do.

Talk at you later.


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coffeelvnmom said...

I'm not patient either. The whole process is so time consuming, and then when you're finally finished, there's still so much time on your hands (querying, ect.)! Have fun catching up with the novel!:)

Meghan Ward said...

That is a TOUGH decision, and I have heard good arguments for both sides, as I'm sure you have. Keep us posted!

Maria McKenzie said...

Kelly, great information! I just bookmarked Lynn Price's blog. Looking forward to your decision:).